Enamel note books by Sue Brown 

She uses her own photographs of early entomological collections making them into enamel transfers.

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Jessica Hische  - “Pro-Bono lettering and illustrative patterns for a gala announcement to help raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.”

Not sure if this is new, but I’ve not seen it before and it’s so nice! 

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Packaging for Pulp Friction by Woody Harrington (Source: Cargo Collective)

Pulp Friction is a fictional company geared towards young adults that promotes nutrition through a selection of healthy juice drinks. You would find Pulp Friction products at movie theater concession stands, as alternatives to sodas and energy drinks.




Brian Selznick’s Wonderstruck consists of two different stories interlaced into one novel— one story told entirely through 460 pages of illustrations set in 1927, and another story told within 148 pages of text set in 1977. thuper cool.

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one of the many astounding collages by Meg Hitchock made by cutting letters from various books, including the Koran and Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses”. Highly recommend checking the rest of the collection on her site, where you can also see the detailed versions of each piece.

In my text drawings I deconstruct the word of God by cutting letters from sacred writings and rearranging them to form a passage from another holy book. I may cut letters from the Bible and reassemble them as a passage from the Koran, or use letters cut from the Torah to recreate an ancient Tantric text. The individual letters are glued to the paper in a continuous line of type, without spaces or punctuation, in order to discourage a literal reading of the text. 

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